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As a Keynote Speaker Hassan has had the privilege to speak at schools, mosques, and large events. Hassan discovered his passion for speaking at the age of 27 through an opportunity he decided to take. Through this opportunity his life was changed forever. His message revolves around discovering your purpose. Everyone is born with special gifts, are you aware of yours? How does someone go about finding their gifts? What is one to do once they discover their gifts? Can you have more than one gift? Is talent enough to succeed in your gift? These are some of the points covered in Hassan’s Keynote speech.

As an emcee Hassan has hosted events around the world with up to 60,000 people in attendance. His energy, humour, and storytelling abilities allow him to keep the crowd engaged and excited at all times. Some of the events that Hassan has emceed are Muslim Fest, Ontario Summer Games, fundraisers, movie premiers, weddings, engagements, conferences and much more!

Check out a snippet of Hassan's Keynote for the YMCA

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