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Our Goal:

At YSA our goal is to equip the youth with the skills and tools they need to become great leaders and public speakers. Leadership and public speaking are two of the most important yet under-developed skills in our youth today.

Youth will learn skills in:

  • Building confidence to speak to an audience
  • Preparing and giving speeches
  • Giving impromptu talk
  • Vocabulary and gestures
  • Body language and eye contact
  • Discovering their talents and skills

Graduates from YSA have:

  • Become leaders in their school, work and volunteer initiatives 
  • Discovered their passions, talents, strengths and weaknesses
  • Increased their participation in school discussions
  • Performed better in presentations and debates 
  • Learned to use storytelling to influence, inspire, and sell their ideas
  • Voiced their opinions more frequently
  • Developed self-confidence
  • Garnered awards and scholarships recognizing their speaking accomplishments
  • Excelled in job interviews 
  • Used their voice to benefit their community

Success Stories:

Meet 9 year old student Bushra

This was her first speech. She was very hesitant, scared and didn’t want to speak at all. It took a lot of support to get her started.
As weeks went on she was given more responsibilities and trust and that helped her build her confidence and belief in herself. ⁣⁣
In this video she was presenting in front of her 20 classmates in fear with notes. On the graduation day of the Youth Speaker Academy program, Bushra spoke in front of 450 people in confidence with no notes.

Video Image
Video Image

Meet 9 year old student Zara

The first day of class she was crying outside of the classroom refusing to enter because she was so scared and intimidated. ⁣

Her mom called out the Instructor to speak to her and he was able to give her a pep talk and convince her to try ONE class.⁣

Thankfully she was convinced. She joined, she spoke and as the youngest student in the class she became one of the strongest speakers in the class. Age is just a number! Great job Zara!⁣

Meet 8 year old student Zain

We were sitting down in class discussing the importance of influence, leading by example and charity when he suddenly got up and started walking to his bag.
He pulled out $1.25 and handed it to the teacher and asked to give it to charity. The whole class was inspired by Zain and started clapping for him in happiness. This was the perfect example of a role model. Zain took the lesson and decided to take action instantly and through his action he influenced many others to do the same. 

Meet 13 year old student Ryan

His last YSA class touched on volunteering, part time jobs and the importance of building your life experience to excel in the real world. 

What we loved about Ryan was that he immediately took action.

As soon as class ended he spoke to his dad about volunteering. His dad Rick Di Lorenzo who is the Councillor of Milton reached out to a few people and a week later he was out volunteering at the farmers market at 7:30am on a Saturday morning. 

He completed his volunteer day and came straight to class no break in between. He was an inspiration to his whole class. 

Ryan is 1 year away from being able to apply for a part time job and is super excited to do so. 

Meet 9 year old student Nejla

The theme of the YSA class was talent and effort. How can we discover, grow and use our talents to benefit others?

Nejla’s talent was art. She loved to draw and color and she was really good at it. Students in YSA are encouraged to discover their talents and use them to better the world. We challenged Nejla to to find a way to benefit the world through her art. 

Few days after the class we receive this beautiful surprise. Nejla immediately acted upon the lesson and put it into action. She used her talent in art to make her teacher Hassan feel special. 

Meet 15 year old student Humzah

Humzah really wanted to start working but had a very difficult time in getting a part time job. He was very discouraged because 3 of his friends were hired to work at McDonald’s and he was the only one to be turned down. 

Luckily he was in the level 2 program of YSA which touched on resume’s, cover letters and part time jobs. The Founder Hassan coached him on fixing his resume, creating a cover letter and pushed him to go back and request to speak to the manager. 

Humzah dressed up, printed his resume and cover letter and went back for a 2nd try. Luckily he was able to catch the manager, land an interview the next day and was hired that same week. 

Congrats to Humzah for not giving up, he took this picture on his first day!

Online Programs Now Available!

With our small classes, professional studio experience, and engaging instructors, your kids are bound to have a great time. Experience online learning like never before.

Youth Speaker Academy partners with YMCA

We are excited to bring the YSA program to the YMCA students Canada wide. Our goal at YSA is to service 1000 students a year through our 3 level program.

If you are a youth organization looking for public speaking or leadership training, please reach out to us.

Outdoor Summer Classes Now Availalble!

Enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while learning and exercising at the same time.

Did you know that the Founder and Instructor Hassan Wadi was also selected as one of the Top 10 Fitness Professionals in Canada by CanFitPro?

He is a certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor and combined his talents in speaking, leading, and fitness in this 6-8 week program.

Video Image

Students raise $24,000 to build 6 water wells around the world

Video Image

In YSA, students are expected to carry out projects that make a positive impact in the world. One of the biggest impacts they’ve made was raising $24,000 to build 6 water wells around the world.

Please take a moment to watch footage of the first well that was built in Ghana. It will provide clean water to 400-500 people on a daily basis.

Youth Speaker Academy Celebrates It's 1 Year Anniversary

From November 2019-November 2020, more than 700 students have graduated from our in-person, online and outdoor programs. Majority of our students completed all 3 levels of the program and went on to use their skills to land leadership positions, part time jobs and become award winners in their fields.

The students also raised more than $35,000 which was used to build 6 water wells around the world, distribute Covid-19 food and hygiene packages all over Canada, provide winter relief kits to the homeless and support emergency appeals around the world.

Did you miss our official YSA Video?


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